Group U.S. Benefits Communication

Respondents (to the survey) gave their companies the
lowest marks at the most basic employee interaction level

getting employees to understand the cost and
value of their health benefits

Towers Perrin 2002 Study

Group benefits are very expensive. Unless benefits and the value of those benefits are clearly appreciated by employees, the value and purpose of your client’s benefit program is severely compromised. We are in the business of helping employers maximize their benefit investment. Working with agents/brokers, we offer a four-level approach, designed to:

bullet Help employees better understand and appreciate the value of their employer-sponsored benefits.
bullet Show employers how to maximize return on their benefit investment.
bullet Provide employees with a wider range of benefit options.
bullet Help employers facilitate benefit plan administration.
Our Benefit Communication capabilities include
  • Laptop based enrollment
  • Voice response systems
  • Leading edge Internet applications
  • Video presentations
  • Multimedia enrollment meetings
  • Multi-state benefit Enrollments
  • Monthly New Hire orientation
  • Personalized benefit reports
  • Benefit value statements
  • Personalized election forms
  • Bilingual services
  • Online resources for Plan Administrators

Increase Employee Understanding and Value

A primary goal of our Worksite Services Division is to provide each covered employee with a personalized explanation of his/her benefit package. We accomplish this using a variety of communication tools customized to fit the particular needs of each of your clients. From multi-media group presentations to one-on-one employee consultations, personal benefit reports and benefit value statements, Group U.S. provides tools that help your clients’ employees more fully realize the value of their “hidden paycheck.”

Maximize the Benefits Investment

Group U.S. can assist you in educating both clients and their employees on how to utilize pre-tax insurance offerings to get more for their benefits dollars. Payroll deduction programs, Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are also available.

Wider Range of Benefit Offerings

With Supplemental Insurance Benefits, your clients can offer enhanced insurance coverage to their employees with minimal additional investment. Supplemental Benefits provide a wide range of insurance options that employees can elect to purchase to meet the unique needs of the employee and his/her family.

Tools to Facilitate Benefit Plan Administration

Group U.S. provides tools to facilitate insurance enrollments, including a customized on-line enrollment information site for your client, laptop enrollment, voice response systems and/or personalized election forms, depending on the client’s size and need. With our laptop enrollment process, all applications are electronically created for each carrier, and payroll changes are formatted for direct upload to the employer’s payroll system.

All eligible employees receive personalized consultations with a benefits representative and become educated on all employer sponsored benefits. Our enrollers handle all enrollment functions for all plans regardless of the number of carriers. Multi-state enrollments, monthly new-hire orientations, and bilingual services are also available.

Your clients participating in Supplemental Benefits through Group U.S. also receive access to an on-line service providing resources, tools and support for HR/Benefit Plan Administrators, including information on compliance and legal issues relating to benefits administration.



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